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Fuel Surcharge Rate

An updated rate will be determined weekly to reflect the current diesel fuel prices reported by the Freight Carriers Association of Canada. The fuel surcharge will be applied to your invoice (based on delivery date) for Western Canadian orders. This allows us to reflect changing market conditions rapidly while maintaining stable product pricing for our customers.

April 15-19, 2024





New Product: Talenti Layers Confetti Cookie

TalentiConfetti Cookie

Talenti layers stack delicious gelato flavors with indulgent ingredients. Dip your spoon into birthday nostalgia with five layers of deliciousness in their new addition for 2021: Confetti Cookie.

Confetti Cookie starts with a creamy layer of vanilla gelato, vanilla cookie pieces, pink cream cheese frosting, even more vanilla gelato, and lastly the sprinkles on top!

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington.

Promotion Announcement: USA

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of 4 new promotions within TransCold USA! Congratulations Brad, Enrique, Jazmine, and Kevin, we wish you all the best as you start a new chapter in your career at TransCold Distribution®.

Brad Gherna

Brad Gherna

Brad joining us in the summer of 2012 as an Area Sales Manager. He is newly promoted to PNW In-home Business Development Manager & Chehalis Depot Manager. His ownership and involvement have made a positive impact for TransCold these past 8 years!


Enrique Hernandez

Enrique joined us in the spring of 2019 as a Freezer & Warehouse Associate and has been promoted to the roll of Warehouse Lead. His teamwork, dependability and effective communication made Enrique's work stand out.

Jazmine Sanchez

Jazmine Sanchez

Jazmine has been with TransCold for over a year, beginning as a Front Desk & Accounting Assistant. Her professionalism and extensive experience in accounting quickly set her apart, leading to her new promotion to the role of Accounting Administrator.


Kevin Gardner

Kevin joined TransCold in the Winter of 2018 as a Route Sales Driver. He has recently been promoted to Operations Supervisor in our Portland location. His hard work has not gone unnoticed as this is his second promotion this year!

New Product: Snickers Peanut Brownie

Snickers Ice Cream Bar distribution

Now available in our US market in single serve form.

Brownie flavored ice cream with brownie inclusions, topped with a thin layer of caramel and peanuts, covered in milk chocolate-y coating! The Snickers Peanut Brownie Ice Cream Bar is the mashup chocolate lovers have been waiting for.

“Snickers and brownies are two of America’s favorite treats, and we know people love both for the deliciousness and comfort that they bring. So, what could be better than putting them together?” said Josh Olken, Snickers brand director. “We’re excited to release our exclusive first batch of Snickers Peanut Brownie for our biggest fans to taste. It’s sure to be a delicious treat that brings the ultimate satisfaction.”

TransCold Canada Employee of the Year 2020

TransCold Canada employee of the year 2020 Regina Charles

Congratulations to Regina Charles!

Regina is our Operations Assistant in Delta and has been with us for 5 years. She was chosen by a committee of peers out of 52 nominees as our 2020 Canadian Employee of the Year. Her co-workers say:

  • “In the last 5 years I have seen Regina grow as an outstanding employee, always willing to take on a challenge, always willing to help and always with a can-do attitude and sense of humor. She is always wearing a smile on her face.”
  • “Regina has a very positive attitude which is infectious and is a great team player.”
  • “Regina has a proven track record within her roles at TransCold. She sets high level of expectations for herself and improving upon processes that are already in place within the roles she has taken on at TransCold.”

Thank you, Regina. This award is well deserved!

TransCold Distribution® USA Employee of the Year 2020

TransCold Employee of the Year USA 2020

Congratulations to Steve Kannas!

Steve is our Route Sales Driver in Seattle, WA. He was selected by a committee of peers out of 45 other nominees as our 2020 American Employee of the Year! Steve has been with TransCold Distribution® for over 2 years and began as an Route Relief Driver. His co-workers say:

  • “Steve is what TCD wants in an employee: self-starter, goal setter, problem solver, positive attitude and great team member. Steve is a professional and takes his job seriously and during this crazy year, his attitude and work ethic exemplifies how lucky we are to have Steve as a team member.”
  • “Steve is dependable, great with customer service and gets along well with fellow co-workers. He is an all-around nice guy and never misses a sale!”
  • “Steve set a goal last year to have sales of $1 million but missed it by ten thousand dollars. This year, he couldn’t get that number out of his head and wouldn’t let it slip away. By the end of this last quarter, he reached the $1,000,000 mark. Even though he has reached his goal he’s still working with a smile on his face.”

Our customers love him and so do we. We are very pleased to be able to recognize his contributions.

Promotion Announcement: Canada

We always seek to promote from within to reward our staff’s contributions and provide them with opportunity. As such, we are pleased to announce 4 new promotions within TransCold Canada. We recognize Janki, Carson, Paul, and Scott as they begin the next chapter of their TransCold careers.

Jenki Velani

Janki Velani

Janki has been with TransCold for over 3 years starting in the fall of 2017 as an Administrative Assistant & Receptionist. She has now been promoted to Accounting Administrator. Her hard work and positive attitude will serve her well in her new roll at TransCold.

Carson Beebe

Carson Beebe

Carson joined us in 2020 as a Merchandiser, and has now been promoted to Outside Sales Representative for our Vancouver Island Operations. Carson's sales and merchandising experience and passion for his work make him an excellent advocate for his customers.

Paul Tarasenko

Paul Tarasenko

Paul joined us in 2020 as a Warehouse Assistant and has already been promoted to Warehouse Lead Hand in our Delta warehouse. We are happy to see Paul's enthusiasm in embracing his new roll, and growing his career at TransCold.

Scott Paziuk TransCold Vancouver Island Operations Supervisor

Scott Paziuk

Scott joined TransCold 2020 as Outside Sales Representative for Vancouver Island, based in Nanaimo. His new roll is Vancouver Island Operations Supervisor. His supervisory experience and extensive local network have him leading his team to success.

New Location: San Diego

TransCold San Diego Warehouse Location

Today we announce another new location for TransCold Distribution®!

Construction on a new 9000ft² freezer with dry storage space and professional office space is expected to be complete in late Spring 2021. At that point, our National City team will transition to the new location in Poway, henceforth known as TransCold San Diego.

We moved into our current National City location in 2015. Thanks to their hard work, NC has seen soaring growth ever since and is on track to be our largest producing US location. We are quickly outpacing the capacity of that location, so have taken action to better serve our customers.

This is TransCold’s 3rd currently active construction project. Recent years have been a tremendous period of growth and we appreciate the customers and team that help us continue to reach higher. 

Congratulations, National City team!

February 28 Partial Closure

Our call centre and Canadian offices will be closed all day on February 28th to attend annual meetings. All deliveries will proceed as scheduled. American locations will not be impacted other than the call centre closure. For call centre emergencies, please contact 778-710-6325.