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Fuel Surcharge Rate

An updated rate will be determined weekly to reflect the current diesel fuel prices reported by the Freight Carriers Association of Canada. The fuel surcharge will be applied to your invoice (based on delivery date) for Canadian orders. This allows us to reflect changing market conditions rapidly while maintaining stable product pricing for our customers.

September 25-29, 2023





New Brands from Korea

Samanco fish ice cream sandwiches in Canada

Samanco & T’aom

Coming this October to Canada for the first time! Samanco’s fish-shaped ice cream waffle sandwich have been an iconic Korean treat since 1991. Available in 3 flavours, creamy ice cream is topped with a sweet sauce of strawberry or red bean and sandwiched between 2 crisp fish-shaped waffle cookies. If you’re looking for something more traditional, T’aom’s fruity juice bars in Peach of Strawberry could be just what you’re looking for!

T'aom frozen fruit bars in Canada

New Product: My/Mochi USA

my/mochi cookies and cream from wholesale distributor transcold distribution
Cookies and Cream Mochi Ice Cream

Now in our U.S market! Creamy cookie ice cream with crispy cookie bits wrapped in sweet, pillowy rice dough. Perfectly portioned at 80 calories each. A great on-the-go snack, now even more convenient with these single serve portions (comes with 2 mochi ice creams)! These are gluten free, made from milk with no added rBST, and no soy ingredients! Also available in multi-packs of 6 pieces. 

New Product: Good Humor USA

Good Humor creamsicle from wholesale distributor transcold distribution

Good Humor Creamsicle Bars

The Creamsicle bar, a classic ice cream bar featuring the same original taste from your childhood! Only 100 calories each bar, indulge in this nostalgic bar on a hot day or whenever you are craving something sweet. Made with rich, creamy low-fat vanilla-flavored ice cream and orange-flavored sherbet for a tangy and creamy combination! Comes in a box of 6 individually wrapped bars for our U.S customers!

TransCold Canada’s Q2 Everything is Popsicle Award Winner

Out of 26 nominations, Lana Johnstone, our Edmonton Merchandiser is the Q2 Winner of our “Everything is Popsicle” Quarterly Award recognizing exceptional employees! 

Lana’s attention to detail, kindness, and customer orientation make her stand out, not to mention her passion for Ben & Jerry’s sales. Congrats, Lana, and thank you for your contribution to the TCD Team!

Stay tuned for our next winner in Q3! All Canadian employees are eligible… let us know who you think should be nominated next.

New Products: Helados Mexico USA

Explore the vibrant flavors of Latin America! You can’t wait to try these THREE new Helados Mexico single serve ice cream products for our U.S market!

Churro Cookie Sandwich: Featuring decadent churro cookies, sandwiched around creamy ice cream packed with irresistible pieces of churros. 

Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Paleta: Savor the vibrant and refreshing flavors of with this Mexican-inspired Strawberry Lemonade Paleta, a frozen treat that brings a flavor fiesta. Gluten free, no artificial colors, no high fructose corn syrup, non-GMO. Available for our SoCal market only.

Orange Cream Paleta: Pure nostalgia with this Orange Cream Paleta, reminiscent of a classic favorite that brings back memories of carefree summer days! Gluten free.

New Products: Popsicle USA

popsicle frozen minis from wholesale distributor transcold distribution
Disney Frozen Minis Popsicles

These Disney Frozen Minis Popsicles may be small, but they are bursting with fruit flavors inspired by your favorite Disney Frozen characters! Which will you choose: light blue raspberry for Elsa, rich purple berry for Anna or icy white cherry for Olaf the snowman? These are available for our SoCal market to order!

New Products: Klondike USA

klondike reese peanut butter bar from wholesale distributor transcold distribution
Reese's Peanut Butter Bar

Klondike Reese’s Peanut Butter Bar & Classic Vanilla Sandwich

Reese’s Peanut Butter Bar has a smooth peanut butter cup flavor, all wrapped in Klondike’s signature thick, chocolatey shell. How can you resist Reese’s classic peanut butter cups and Klondike’s ice cream bar in one! Now available in a pack of 6 bars.

Classic Vanilla Sandwich – a classic ice cream sandwich. Creamy vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two rich chocolatey wafers! Available in a box of 6 sandwiches.

Contact us to order! You don’t want to miss out! For our U.S market only.

klondike classic vanilla sandwich reese peanut butter bar from wholesale distributor transcold distribution