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March 27 to 31, 2023





New Products: Magnum Canada

Magnum double gold caramel and classic impulse bar from transcold distribution

Magnum Classic and Double Gold Caramel

NOW in Canada! We introduced this oh so addicting Double Gold Caramel to our U.S market couple weeks back and now it is finally available for our Canadian market!

Another new addition for Canada: The Classic Bar is back in a single serve format! This original Magnum original bar became the inspiration for all their bars. It’s is the perfect balance of Magnum chocolate and velvety smooth vanilla ice cream! 

Magnum double gold caramel and classic impulse bar from transcold distribution

New Brand: Oatly USA

pointing up

Oatly Frozen Desserts

Oatly’s produces dairy-free products from oats! Their goal is to always deliver products that have maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact. They strive to produce the most sustainable, responsible products on the market and are continually looking for innovative ways to make their products better. 

We are excited to bring on this brand for our US customers. Oatly has perfected their frozen desserts to make them imitate the texture and creaminess of real dairy ice cream. They are Vegan, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Glyphosate-free, and Kosher-UD. We will be offering two flavors:

Chocolate: Bold chocolate flavor that tastes like creamy ganache without any malty/chocolate milk powder distractions! (Available for PNW only)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Delicious chunks of cookie dough swirled in. (Available for SoCal only)

Strawberry: Real strawberry flavor with a touch of lemon and sea salt to bring out the natural strawberry sweetness! (Available for SoCal only)

Vanilla: Made with real vanilla seeds and natural vanilla flavor and a touch of sea salt!

new oatly frozen dessert ice cream plant based from transcold distribtion

New Products: Chapman’s Super Premium

chapman's new premium ice cream super premium plus from transcold distribution

Chapman’s Super Premium Plus

Introducing Chapman’s NEW Super Premium Plus ice cream in 500mL pints: indulgent and creamy flavours perfect for those with dietary restrictions. These pints have 16% butterfat, 40% overrun (less air = more premium ice cream!), natural flavours & colours, egg free, and peanut & nut free, what more can you ask for! These pints are 100% Canadian Dairy – made by Canadians for Canadians. New flavours include: Vanilla Trilogy, Cookie Jar, Cherry Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate & Brownies, Chocolate Lover, Cold Brew Coffee, The Only Strawberry, and Salty Caramel Crunch! Contact your local sales rep to order! Available for our BC customers only!

Cold Brew Coffee

Chapman’s Cold Brew Coffee ice cream is made with organic, Fair Trade coffee from Birch Bark Coffee Company. To support Indigenous communities, a portion of the proceeds from this flavour will go towards bringing clean drinking water to Indigenous homes across Canada! 

New Products: Magnum USA

magnum double gold caramel bar from transcold distribution

Double Gold Caramel Ice Cream Bar

Magnum ice cream bars are oh so ever ADDICTING, their NEW Double Gold Caramel is a caramelized blend of milk and white Belgian chocolate. Sweet cream ice cream with a swirl of sea salt caramel dipped in a chocolatey coating, caramel sauce and caramelized chocolate with brown sugar crunch. If you are a fan of chocolate and caramel, this is for you – available in the US this February, and coming soon to Canada, too!

Magnum double gold caramel impulse bar from transcold distribution

New Brand: Chipwich USA

chipwich ice cream sandwiches from wholesale distribution company transcold distribution
chipwich ice cream sandwiches from wholesale distribution company transcold distribution

We are excited to be bringing in a NEW brand: Chipwich! These ice cream sandwiches are made with premium ice cream, NO artificial flavours or colors, and NO rBST. The Original Vanilla Chocolate Chip (premium vanilla ice cream placed between two fresh-baked cookies, and covered in real chocolate chips) is now available for our PNW customers!

New Products: Talenti USA

Talenti’s famous gelatos are now to-go in a new format: Mini Gelato and Sorbetto Bars!

Talenti gelato and sorbettos are made from scratch with the finest ingredients from around the world. Their most popular jar flavors will now available as mini bars, delivering the same smooth and creamy texture, and all under 80 calories per bar! We have four flavors launching in the USA: Alphonso Mango, Dark Chocolate Gelato, Roman Raspberry Sorbetto, and Vanilla Caramel Gelato. Which flavor are you excited to try? Contact us to place an order now!


New Products: Ben & Jerry’s USA

ben and jerrys icecream logo pint from transcold distribution
ben and jerrys icecream pint wholesale supplier from transcold distribution
Ben ans jerrys new ice cream pints lights caramel action Ava DuVernay from wholesale distribution company transcold distribution

Ben & Jerry’s U.S. has an exciting collaboration with Award-Winning Filmmaker Ava DuVernay!

Lights! Caramel! Action! features vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirls, graham cracker swirls, and chocolate chip cookie dough in both dairy ice cream and almond milk based non-dairy versions. More importantly, the proceeds of this collaboration benefit Ava DuVernay’s non-profit ARRAY Alliance that is dedicated to supporting artists of color and women that wish to work in the arts and film industry.

We have also introduced 2 other traditional ice cream pints: Churray for Churros, and Mousse Pie; a non-dairy Oatmeal Dream Pie; and Topped Bossin’ Cream Pie!  Contact us to order and get them while they’re cold!