What's New at TransCold?

The “Inside Scoop” on all things TransCold and Ice Cream. Check back regularly for updates or visit us on social media – there’s always something exciting happening!

New Products: Enlightened Bars and Cheesecake

We are excited to announce that Enlightened has 2 new lines of keto products in Canada, expected this week!

Check out their latest additions: bars and mini cheesecakes. Contact your Sales Representative for more information or find them on shelves in British Columbia or Alberta!

Keto Bars

Enlightened Dark Chocolate Caramel Peanut Bar

Mouthwatering ice cream with delicious mix-ins, and sweetened with monk fruit. Enlightened Keto Bars are 2g net carbs or less with no added sugar. Enlightened is releasing five new flavors of Keto Bars to the Canadian market; Dark Chocolate Caramel Peanut, Dark Chocolate Vanilla Almond, Double Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Chocolate.

Mini Keto Cheesecakes

Enlightened Strawberry Cheesecake
Enlightened Classic Cheesecake

Rich and creamy with delightfully decadent toppings, these mini cheesecakes made with almond flour crust are ready to eat in minutes. Enjoy a late-night treat or an indulgent end to any meal with just 2-3g net carbs, 180-220 calories, and no added sugar. Enlightened is releasing two new flavors of Keto Mini Cheesecakes to the Canadian market; Classic Cheesecake and Strawberry Cheesecake.

New Facility: San Diego

TransCold San Diego building

Welcome to our new home!

Our San Diego location officially began operations on August 30th, 2021, replacing our National City facility. This facility is approximately 250% larger than our previous building and boasts just under 10,000 ft² of brand new state of the art freezer space. It has expanded our capabilities in the San Diego area, and also alleviated capacity pressures for our entire Southern California operation.

You’ll now find us at:

13100 Gregg Street, Suite B, Poway, CA, 92064


These are the faces of TransCold! This June, we participated in a #TCDspirit photo challenge to raise donations for local food banks. This is the result, representing our team in all of our locations, and job descriptions. Thank you all who participated in #TCDspirit!

TransCold staff photo

New Brand: J&J Snack Foods – Frozen Foods

J&J Snack Foods Corp

Are you a pretzel fan?! We’re now carrying frozen pretzels!

SuperPretzel’s soft pretzels are the classic baked snack that fits any occasion. Every SuperPretzel has zero preservatives and no cholesterol. Try them with mustard, salt, cheese sauce, chocolate, salsa, or anything else you can think of! Just Heat & Serve; they can be oven baked for 3 – 4 minutes or microwaved for 30 seconds. Sprinkle with as much or as little salt as your preference.

We are now offering J&J Snack Foods SuperPretzel throughout our BC and Alberta markets. Find yours today in the frozen food section!

New Products: Island Farms Scooping Tubs

Island Farms New Scooping Tubs

Island Farms has 3 fun new flavours for you scoop shops out there! Check them out!

– Caramel Cookie Dough: Salted caramel flavoured ice cream with a caramel variegate and chocolate chip cookie dough pieces.

– Chocolate Hazelnut: Blend of 1/3 dark chocolate and 2/3 chocolate hazelnut ice cream, with real hazelnuts swirled throughout the hazelnut ice cream.

– Very Berry: Blueberry flavoured ice cream with a blueberry variegate and real strawberry pieces.

Promotion Announcement: IT Director

Ken Hales, Director of IT for TransCold Distribution

We are pleased to announce that Ken Hales, Sr Technology Advisor, has been promoted to the role of IT Director! 

Ken is the newest member of our senior management team. His role is to build and execute an effective IT road map for both US and Canadian operations that will grow along with us.

Ken has 20+ years of experience in IT architecture & audition and we appreciate his guidance. Congratulations, Ken!

New Products: Sara’s Old Fashion Ice Cream

Sara's New Flavours Round 2

And here are the other 5 limited edition tubs! The top-selling flavours will be permanently placed on Sara’s lineup. Vote with your orders! Introducing the 5 fruit Sara’s Flavours:

Cherry Pie: Made with sweet chewy chunks of maraschino cherries bursting pie crust flavour.

Grenadine Cheesecake: Extracted from fresh pomegranate juice with a hint of citrus and stunning red color mixed with decadent cheesecake ice cream.

NY Cherry Cheesecake: Chewy chunks of maraschino cherries with a bursting flavour of decadent cheesecake.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle: Rich chocolate ice cream flavour with a tangy raspberry mix of chewy truffles.

Strawberry Cheesecake: Smooth and creamy strawberry flavour with swirled decadent cheesecake.

Contact your sales representative for more information!

New Products: Sara’s Old Fashion Ice Cream

We are excited to announce that Sara’s has 10 new limited batch 11.4 Litre ice cream tubs! 5 of them are available now, and 5 will be released next Thursday. The top-selling flavours will be permanently placed on Sara’s lineup. Vote with your orders!

 Contact your sales representative for more information!

Sara's Expresso
Sara's Cappuccino Crunch
Sara's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Sara's Chocolate Brownie
Expresso Crunch: Like a morning coffee, this coffee infused ice cream features espresso flakes and cookie crumbs

Cappuccino Crunch: Delicious cappuccino flavoured ice cream with a cookie crunch.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip: Bursting flavours of rich and creamy chocolates mixed with bits of chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Thick chunks of cookie dough with chewy chocolate chips.

Chocolate Brownie: Rich chocolatey ice cream with chunks of chewy brownie.

New Brand: Barakah Eats – Frozen Foods

barakah eats

Are you ready for something new?! We’re leaving the ice cream aisle with a local gourmet ready to eat meal.

Barakah Eats is a family owned BC business. They produce healthy South Asian inspired meals, flash frozen for quality, that can be ready in minutes. Their meals are certified halal and made with grass-fed beef with gluten-free and vegan options. Serve it up with some fresh naan bread and your “too busy to cook” dinner just went gourmet!

We are now offering 8 Barakah Eats meal options throughout our BC market. Welcome to the family, Barakah Eats!

New Brand: Buck – Buckwheat Gelato


Pass the buck, please! We are excited to be bringing on Buck, a Buckwheat based Gelato company based out of North Vancouver! Discover the delicious flavours of BUCK, a delicious gluten-free, dairy-free, allergen friendly that’s made from clean, simple ingredients. All free of artificial colours and flavours.

Buck Cocoa Loco
Buck Maple Walnut
Buck Strawberry Sass
Buck Vanilla Cool

For bold chocolate lovers. Double up on the chocolate with this rich, flavour-packing recipe. 

A True North staple. With crunchy walnuts and pure Maple Syrup, each bite transports us to our Canadian roots.

Lose yourself in the sweetness of this signature flavour, and let the strawberries steal the show with each scoop packed with fresh fruit.

Every ice cream aficionado started their journey here. Why mess with a good thing?

Contact your sales representative for more information. Available in BC right now, and coming soon to Alberta.

New Products: La Michoacana


We are excited that La Michoacana has many new products coming our way! 

Single Serve Limon con Chamoy Paleta Bars (Lime with Chamoy) and Frechera Cups (Strawberries N’ Sweet Cream) are available all over Southern California, Washington, and Oregon.

We also have three new DAIRY FREE multipacks available for Washington and Oregon: 

  • Coco y Fresas con Crema (Cononut & Strawberries N’ Cream)
  • Horchata con Fresas (Horchata with strawberries) 
  • and Pina Colada

Get them while they’re hot (or cold). Contact your sales representative for more information!

New Products: Coconut Bliss

Coconut Bliss New Products

Coconut Bliss introduces Legendary Cookie Dough 473mL pints to Canada!

They also have a new cup size offering for Canadian customers when you’re craving a quick snack. 106mL Cups of Joy are now available in Vanilla and Dark Chocolate. 

New Product Line: Popsicle Ice Cream Tubs

Popsicle Tubs

Your three favourite ice cream bars are transforming… into ice cream tubs! Creamsicle, Fudgesicle and Revello are now available in 1.66 Litre tubs, good for bringing back the nostalgia of your favourite ice cream bars at any occasion.

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Alberta and British Columbia.

New Product Line: Klondike Donut

Klondike Donuts

Skip the donut shop and head right for the ice cream aisle. Introducing Klondike Donuts! A brand new line of Klondike ice cream.

Choose from 3 flavours to indulge in: Maple Krunch, a frozen maple dairy dessert bar and brown sugar crunch pieces with a milk chocolate coating, Boston Cream, a frozen Boston cream dairy dessert bar with a Boston cream swirl and milk chocolate coating, and Triple Chocolate, a frozen chocolate dairy dessert bar with dark chocolatey coating, dark crunch pieces. All 3 flavours are sold in multipacks; Maple Krunch will also be available as a single serve option.

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Alberta and British Columbia.

New Products: Magnum

Magnum 3 new flavours

Ooooee! Magnum has 3 new flavours for the Canadian market.

A delicious Sea Salt Caramel flavour featuring sweet caramel sauce expertly swirled in Madagascan vanilla ice cream, a Dark Chocolate Truffle flavour featuring dark chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate ganache swirl, dipped in dark chocolate made with 60% cacao, and last but not least, a Double Chocolate/Vanilla Truffle featuring vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate ganache swirl, dipped milk chocolate made with 32% cacao.

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Alberta and British Columbia.