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New Products: Island Farms Scooping Tubs

Island Farms New Scooping Tubs

Island Farms has 3 fun new flavours for you scoop shops out there! Check them out!

– Caramel Cookie Dough: Salted caramel flavoured ice cream with a caramel variegate and chocolate chip cookie dough pieces.

– Chocolate Hazelnut: Blend of 1/3 dark chocolate and 2/3 chocolate hazelnut ice cream, with real hazelnuts swirled throughout the hazelnut ice cream.

– Very Berry: Blueberry flavoured ice cream with a blueberry variegate and real strawberry pieces.

Promotion Announcement: IT Director

Ken Hales, Director of IT for TransCold Distribution

We are pleased to announce that Ken Hales, Sr Technology Advisor, has been promoted to the role of IT Director! 

Ken is the newest member of our senior management team. His role is to build and execute an effective IT road map for both US and Canadian operations that will grow along with us.

Ken has 20+ years of experience in IT architecture & audition and we appreciate his guidance. Congratulations, Ken!

New Products: Sara’s Old Fashion Ice Cream

Sara's New Flavours Round 2

And here are the other 5 limited edition tubs! The top-selling flavours will be permanently placed on Sara’s lineup. Vote with your orders! Introducing the 5 fruit Sara’s Flavours:

Cherry Pie: Made with sweet chewy chunks of maraschino cherries bursting pie crust flavour.

Grenadine Cheesecake: Extracted from fresh pomegranate juice with a hint of citrus and stunning red color mixed with decadent cheesecake ice cream.

NY Cherry Cheesecake: Chewy chunks of maraschino cherries with a bursting flavour of decadent cheesecake.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle: Rich chocolate ice cream flavour with a tangy raspberry mix of chewy truffles.

Strawberry Cheesecake: Smooth and creamy strawberry flavour with swirled decadent cheesecake.

Contact your sales representative for more information!

New Products: Sara’s Old Fashion Ice Cream

We are excited to announce that Sara’s has 10 new limited batch 11.4 Litre ice cream tubs! 5 of them are available now, and 5 will be released next Thursday. The top-selling flavours will be permanently placed on Sara’s lineup. Vote with your orders!

 Contact your sales representative for more information!

Sara's Expresso
Sara's Cappuccino Crunch
Sara's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Sara's Chocolate Brownie
Expresso Crunch: Like a morning coffee, this coffee infused ice cream features espresso flakes and cookie crumbs

Cappuccino Crunch: Delicious cappuccino flavoured ice cream with a cookie crunch.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip: Bursting flavours of rich and creamy chocolates mixed with bits of chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Thick chunks of cookie dough with chewy chocolate chips.

Chocolate Brownie: Rich chocolatey ice cream with chunks of chewy brownie.

New Brand: Barakah Eats – Frozen Foods

barakah eats

Are you ready for something new?! We’re leaving the ice cream aisle with a local gourmet ready to eat meal.

Barakah Eats is a family owned BC business. They produce healthy South Asian inspired meals, flash frozen for quality, that can be ready in minutes. Their meals are certified halal and made with grass-fed beef with gluten-free and vegan options. Serve it up with some fresh naan bread and your “too busy to cook” dinner just went gourmet!

We are now offering 8 Barakah Eats meal options throughout our BC market. Welcome to the family, Barakah Eats!

New Brand: Buck – Buckwheat Gelato


Pass the buck, please! We are excited to be bringing on Buck, a Buckwheat based Gelato company based out of North Vancouver! Discover the delicious flavours of BUCK, a delicious gluten-free, dairy-free, allergen friendly that’s made from clean, simple ingredients. All free of artificial colours and flavours.

Buck Cocoa Loco
Buck Maple Walnut
Buck Strawberry Sass
Buck Vanilla Cool

For bold chocolate lovers. Double up on the chocolate with this rich, flavour-packing recipe. 

A True North staple. With crunchy walnuts and pure Maple Syrup, each bite transports us to our Canadian roots.

Lose yourself in the sweetness of this signature flavour, and let the strawberries steal the show with each scoop packed with fresh fruit.

Every ice cream aficionado started their journey here. Why mess with a good thing?

Contact your sales representative for more information. Available in BC right now, and coming soon to Alberta.

New Products: La Michoacana


We are excited that La Michoacana has many new products coming our way! 

Single Serve Limon con Chamoy Paleta Bars (Lime with Chamoy) and Frechera Cups (Strawberries N’ Sweet Cream) are available all over Southern California, Washington, and Oregon.

We also have three new DAIRY FREE multipacks available for Washington and Oregon: 

  • Coco y Fresas con Crema (Cononut & Strawberries N’ Cream)
  • Horchata con Fresas (Horchata with strawberries) 
  • and Pina Colada

Get them while they’re hot (or cold). Contact your sales representative for more information!

New Products: Coconut Bliss

Coconut Bliss New Products

Coconut Bliss introduces Legendary Cookie Dough 473mL pints to Canada!

They also have a new cup size offering for Canadian customers when you’re craving a quick snack. 106mL Cups of Joy are now available in Vanilla and Dark Chocolate. 

New Product Line: Popsicle Ice Cream Tubs

Popsicle Tubs

Your three favourite ice cream bars are transforming… into ice cream tubs! Creamsicle, Fudgesicle and Revello are now available in 1.66 Litre tubs, good for bringing back the nostalgia of your favourite ice cream bars at any occasion.

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Alberta and British Columbia.

New Product Line: Klondike Donut

Klondike Donuts

Skip the donut shop and head right for the ice cream aisle. Introducing Klondike Donuts! A brand new line of Klondike ice cream.

Choose from 3 flavours to indulge in: Maple Krunch, a frozen maple dairy dessert bar and brown sugar crunch pieces with a milk chocolate coating, Boston Cream, a frozen Boston cream dairy dessert bar with a Boston cream swirl and milk chocolate coating, and Triple Chocolate, a frozen chocolate dairy dessert bar with dark chocolatey coating, dark crunch pieces. All 3 flavours are sold in multipacks; Maple Krunch will also be available as a single serve option.

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Alberta and British Columbia.

New Products: Magnum

Magnum 3 new flavours

Ooooee! Magnum has 3 new flavours for the Canadian market.

A delicious Sea Salt Caramel flavour featuring sweet caramel sauce expertly swirled in Madagascan vanilla ice cream, a Dark Chocolate Truffle flavour featuring dark chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate ganache swirl, dipped in dark chocolate made with 60% cacao, and last but not least, a Double Chocolate/Vanilla Truffle featuring vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate ganache swirl, dipped milk chocolate made with 32% cacao.

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Alberta and British Columbia.

New Product: Seasonal Ruby Jewel Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ruby Jewel Seasonal Strawberry

Ruby Jewel is now offering seasonal flavors! New flavors will be introduced four times per year, for a limited time only, so you have to snap them up while they’re available.

This season’s flavor is a creamy Strawberry Ice Cream, sandwiched between two citrusy Lemon Cookies. A perfect way to celebrate spring time, this flavor combines two of their fan favorites in one. Get it while it lasts! 

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington

New Product Line: Ben and Jerry’s Core

Ben and Jerry’s has a new product line in Canada!  Introducing Ben and Jerry’s Core, your favorite flavors PLUS a thick core of cookie dough, brownie batter or peanut butter through the centre for when swirls just aren’t enough. Four flavours are now available; Brownie Batter Core, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Fudge Core and Peanut Butter No Bake Cookie Dough Core. 

Additionally, Ben & Jerry’s has 3 more new flavours entering the Canadian market, for a total of SEVEN new this spring! Oh Cone-Ada, a vanilla ice cream with chocolatey coated waffle pieces and caramel swirl; S’more Please, a Marshmallow ice cream with a graham cracker swirl and fudge flakes; and Coffee, Coffee, Buzz Buzz Buzz, a Coffee ice cream with espresso bean fudge chunks. Stock up on these delicious new flavours!

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Alberta and British Columbia.


New Products: M&M’s Ice Cream Sandwiches

M&M icecream sandwich

 2021 looks to be the year of the cookie! M&M is updating and reintroducing all of their beloved cookie sandwiches. Creamy ice cream crammed between two delicious mini M&M’s filled cookies; what more could you ask for? How about three more to polish off this pack of four! Available in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington.

Classic: Vanilla reduced fat ice cream, sandwiched between 2 Chocolate M&M’s cookies

Vanilla: Vanilla reduced fat ice cream, sandwiched between 2 Vanilla M&M’s cookies

Mint: Mint reduced fat ice cream, sandwiched between 2 Chocolate M&M’s cookies

New Products: Kind Frozen

Kind Pints

Pints are not Kind’s only new product this year. We are expanding their frozen bar offering to include Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt! This Kind frozen bars is a plant-based frozen treat made from almond milk, layered with smooth dark chocolate, chopped almonds, and nut butter.

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington.

Be Kind to yourself this year!

Kind first entered the frozen market in 2020 with a frozen bar, which was such a success, they have now entered the realm of ‘ice cream’ pints with a plant based option. As with all Kind products, their pints are wholesome, delicious and healthy with ingredients you will recognize.

We are introducing 4 Kind pint flavors including Cherry Cashew, Coffee Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter. These products are plant based with only 10g added sugar and are just 190-250 calories per serving.


New Products: Chapman’s

New Chapmans Products Feb10/2021

Chapman’s has 4 new products entering the market! A new 2 Litre Premium flavour Pistachio and Almonds which is a Pistachio flavoured ice cream with almond pieces, a new addition to the Canadian Collection’s with the Cookies and Cream Bar, and two new Super Cones; Salty Caramel Twist, and Chocolatey Twist.

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Alberta and British Columbia.

New Products: Multipack My Mochi Flavors

My/Mochi single serve products introduced in 2020 have been so successful that we are expanding our offerings to include multipacks your customers can take home and enjoy later. Though we won’t blame them if they run through these 6 packs all in one sitting.

Take an instant trip to Tropical Delicioustown with Sweet Mango. Or bite into Wild Strawberry wrapped in a pillowy layer of chewy mochi dough. Both these flavors are only 100 calories per piece. If you haven’t yet tried them, My/Mochi is a miraculous match of magnificent mochi dough wrapping marvelously mouthwatering ice cream for a tidy, handheld treat.

Available in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington

New Products: Magnum USA

Magnum Ice Cream 10 year anniversary

A new look for a new age! For 10 years, Magnum has been delighting us with their exceptionally high quality chocolate wrapped ice cream. To commemorate their anniversary, Magnum ice cream will be rolling out a packaging update in both the USA and Canada. Don’t worry, they’ll keep the same great product inside!

Mini Double Caramel

Sweet, creamy and decadent, these mini version of one of Magnum’s top sellers are the perfect indulgence for when that caramel or chocolate craving strikes. Now available in our USA market.

Magnum mini duck chicikate truffle

Mini Dark Chocolate Truffle

Inspired by Belgian chocolate truffles, this rich dark chocolate ice cream contains truffle like swirls of dark chocolate ganache underneath that cracking chocolate shell. Available in the USA.

New Product: Klondike Classic Vanilla/Chocolate Cone

Klondike is officially in the cone biz! They have long dominated the Canadian cone market and now they are taking that expertise to the US of A.

These distinctive cones feature a delicious swirl shaped top with sauce that travels through the entire center of the cone. And they didn’t forget everyone’s favorite chocolate tip for one last delicious bite.

You’ll go nuts for these (4) Vanilla and (4) Chocolate cones topped with crunchy peanuts. Filled with a chocolatey core and topped with more chocolatey goodness, you might finally be able to say you’ve reached your maximum chocolate quota.

Available in packs of 8 in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington.

New Products: Popsicle Multipacks

Popsicle Spiderman, Jolly Rancher & Twister

Popsicle has a fruity medley of new products for 2021! Previously available in single serve sizes, these flavors are now available in multipack for your customers to take home and enjoy later.

The Strawberry, Blueberry & Vanilla Swirl Twister are made with real fruit and real milk, made fun. Jolly Rancher pops feature the UNTAMED fruit flavors of the popular candy. And Spiderman will get your taste buds a-tingling with the strawberry, blue raspberry and lime flavors. Perfect for cool off during a warm summer day.

Contact your sales rep for more information. Twisters are available in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington; Jolly Ranchers and Spiderman in SoCal only for now.

New Products: Ben & Jerry’s Topped

Ben&Jerry's Topped

Available in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington. *Non Dairy Cookie Dough is only available in California. For now.

You can’t top Ben & Jerry’s new product line… or rather, you can!

Introducing “Topped”, a brand new line of Ben and Jerry’s which features a rich fudgy ganache top over the classic chunky, swirly ice cream that Ben & Jerry’s fans are used to.

Also newly available from Ben & Jerry’s:

Ben&Jerry's The Tonight Dough Chunks

Tonight Dough Chunks

Your favorite ice cream is now available in bite size chunks for on the go snacking. Contains chocolate chip cookie dough & chocolatey coated peanut butter cookie dough chunks.

Ben&Jerrys Change the whirled non dairy

Change the Whirled *Non Dairy

Colin Kaepernick is serving up sweet justice with this caramel Non-Dairy frozen dessert with fudge chips, graham cracker swirls & chocolate cookie swirls.

Ben Jerry Non Dairy ChocolateChipCookieDough

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough *Non Dairy

The legendary taste without the dairy! Check out the new Ben and Jerry’s Non Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, made with vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert, gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough & fudge flakes.

New Products: Good Humor

Good Humor Viennetta

Vanilla Viennetta

Wavy vanilla ice cream between crisp chocolate layers?! 

The 90’s brought us the internet, boy band groups, and Good Humors Vanilla Viennetta ice-cream cake.  This blast from the past is making a return to the US market. Let’s hope the boy bands don’t come along with it.

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington.

Good Humor Creamsicle

Creamsicle Bar

It’s back! This classic treat is one to enjoy with your kids and grandkids, with the same original taste created by Good Humor. Only 100 calories!

New Product: Talenti Layers Confetti Cookie

TalentiConfetti Cookie

Talenti layers stack delicious gelato flavors with indulgent ingredients. Dip your spoon into birthday nostalgia with five layers of deliciousness in their new addition for 2021: Confetti Cookie.

Confetti Cookie starts with a creamy layer of vanilla gelato, vanilla cookie pieces, pink cream cheese frosting, even more vanilla gelato, and lastly the sprinkles on top!

Contact your sales rep for more information. Available in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington.

New Product: Keto Skream Bars


Ask your sales representative how to pre-order – these ketogenic friendly ice cream bars will be in stock in BC and Alberta any day now.

Keto Skream is made by Canadian entrepreneur Dan Boria and is amongst the first to mass produce a ketogenic ice cream bar for the 26% of Canadians who have tried (or would like to) the ketogenic diet. Available in two decadent traditional flavors, 18% butter fat, no added sugar and only 2g net carbs allow dieters to spoil themselves with the indulgent ice cream bar for which they have been “skreaming”. ketoskream.com

Promotion Announcement: USA

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of 4 new promotions within TransCold USA! Congratulations Brad, Enrique, Jazmine, and Kevin, we wish you all the best as you start a new chapter in your career at TransCold.

Brad Gherna

Brad Gherna

Brad joining us in the summer of 2012 as an Area Sales Manager. He is newly promoted to PNW In-home Business Development Manager & Chehalis Depot Manager. His ownership and involvement have made a positive impact for TransCold these past 8 years!


Enrique Hernandez

Enrique joined us in the spring of 2019 as a Freezer & Warehouse Associate and has been promoted to the roll of Warehouse Lead. His teamwork, dependability and effective communication made Enrique’s work stand out.

Jazmine Sanchez

Jazmine Sanchez

Jazmine has been with TransCold for over a year, beginning as a Front Desk & Accounting Assistant. Her professionalism and extensive experience in accounting quickly set her apart, leading to her new promotion to the role of Accounting Administrator.


Kevin Gardner

Kevin joined TransCold in the Winter of 2018 as a Route Sales Driver. He has recently been promoted to Operations Supervisor in our Portland location. His hard work has not gone unnoticed as this is his second promotion this year!

New Product: Snickers Peanut Brownie

Snickers Ice Cream Bar distribution

Now available in our US market in single serve form.

Brownie flavored ice cream with brownie inclusions, topped with a thin layer of caramel and peanuts, covered in milk chocolate-y coating! The Snickers Peanut Brownie Ice Cream Bar is the mashup chocolate lovers have been waiting for.

“Snickers and brownies are two of America’s favorite treats, and we know people love both for the deliciousness and comfort that they bring. So, what could be better than putting them together?” said Josh Olken, Snickers brand director. “We’re excited to release our exclusive first batch of Snickers Peanut Brownie for our biggest fans to taste. It’s sure to be a delicious treat that brings the ultimate satisfaction.”

TransCold Canada Employee of the Year 2020

TransCold Canada employee of the year 2020 Regina Charles

Congratulations to Regina Charles!

Regina is our Operations Assistant in Delta and has been with us for 5 years. She was chosen by a committee of peers out of 52 nominees as our 2020 Canadian Employee of the Year. Her co-workers say:

  • “In the last 5 years I have seen Regina grow as an outstanding employee, always willing to take on a challenge, always willing to help and always with a can-do attitude and sense of humor. She is always wearing a smile on her face.”
  • “Regina has a very positive attitude which is infectious and is a great team player.”
  • “Regina has a proven track record within her roles at TransCold. She sets high level of expectations for herself and improving upon processes that are already in place within the roles she has taken on at TransCold.”

Thank you, Regina. This award is well deserved!

New Leadership: USA Management

2020 has been a year of much change and substantial growth within the grocery industry! We intend to keep order fulfillment and customer service to our valued customers as our top priority and we have a new leadership team to help us navigate these changing times. TransCold Distribution is proud to have promoted our own Henry Heatherly to the newly created role of General Manager for the entirety of our US territory. We are also excited to introduce our newly created Director of Sales role, filled by Joseph McCoy.

Henry Heatherly, General Manager – USA

Henry Heatherly, newly appointed TransCold Distribution General Manager Henry’s (Hank’s) mandate is to provide direction and strategic leadership to the entirety of our USA team, including Joseph’s Sales Team, and our Operations and Finance Teams.

Henry has been with TransCold for a little over two years as Director of Operations – USA. In that short time, he has rallied Operations and cross-functional teams to support numerous initiatives and process improvements. We have full confidence that he will continue to support our customers and improve TransCold’s operations. Henry began his career as an Order Selector and through the years took on roles of increased responsibility, thus he fully understands the roles and needs of everyone within our organization. We congratulate Henry on this promotion!

Joe McCoy, Director of Sales – USA

Joseph McCoy, TransCold Director of Sales Joseph’s (Joe’s) mandate is to
guide our sales organization in the USA to execute our sales initiatives while partnering with Henry to ensure customer satisfaction and retention through value added service.

Joe is new to TransCold, but is an accomplished sales executive within the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Joe has managed household name brands, such as American Greetings and Snapple, and multiple independent energy drink, wine, and other beverage brands. He has also
successfully launched multiple new brands and built them up from their very beginning. Joe has an innate ability to understand a customer’s perspective and a drive to achieve, supported by his diverse background. We welcome Joe to the TransCold team!

Additionally, our drivers are now under the direction of a local Operations Supervisor to increase the efficiency and performance of regular deliveries. That leaves Area Sales Managers with more time to spend focusing on customer needs under the new title of Business Development Manager. Our entire sales and operations team has made this transition, confident that it will improve our ability to serve customers and adapt quickly to changing trends in grocery.

TransCold USA Employee of the Year 2020

TransCold Employee of the Year USA 2020

Congratulations to Steve Kannas!

Steve is our Route Sales Driver in Seattle, WA. He was selected by a committee of peers out of 45 other nominees as our 2020 American Employee of the Year! Steve has been with TransCold for over 2 years and began as an Route Relief Driver. His co-workers say:

  • “Steve is what TCD wants in an employee: self-starter, goal setter, problem solver, positive attitude and great team member. Steve is a professional and takes his job seriously and during this crazy year, his attitude and work ethic exemplifies how lucky we are to have Steve as a team member.”
  • “Steve is dependable, great with customer service and gets along well with fellow co-workers. He is an all-around nice guy and never misses a sale!”
  • “Steve set a goal last year to have sales of $1 million but missed it by ten thousand dollars. This year, he couldn’t get that number out of his head and wouldn’t let it slip away. By the end of this last quarter, he reached the $1,000,000 mark. Even though he has reached his goal he’s still working with a smile on his face.”

Our customers love him and so do we. We are very pleased to be able to recognize his contributions.

Promotion Announcement: Canada

We always seek to promote from within to reward our staff’s contributions and provide them with opportunity. As such, we are pleased to announce 4 new promotions within TransCold Canada. We recognize Janki, Carson, Paul, and Scott as they begin the next chapter of their TransCold careers.

Jenki Velani

Janki Velani

Janki has been with TransCold for over 3 years starting in the fall of 2017 as an Administrative Assistant & Receptionist. She has now been promoted to Accounting Administrator. Her hard work and positive attitude will serve her well in her new roll at TransCold.

Carson Beebe

Carson Beebe

Carson joined us in 2020 as a Merchandiser, and has now been promoted to Outside Sales Representative for our Vancouver Island Operations. Carson’s sales and merchandising experience and passion for his work make him an excellent advocate for his customers.

Paul Tarasenko

Paul Tarasenko

Paul joined us in 2020 as a Warehouse Assistant and has already been promoted to Warehouse Lead Hand in our Delta warehouse. We are happy to see Paul’s enthusiasm in embracing his new roll, and growing his career at TransCold.

Scott Paziuk TransCold Vancouver Island Operations Supervisor

Scott Paziuk

Scott joined TransCold 2020 as Outside Sales Representative for Vancouver Island, based in Nanaimo. His new roll is Vancouver Island Operations Supervisor. His supervisory experience and extensive local network have him leading his team to success.

New Location: San Diego

TransCold San Diego Warehouse Location

Today we announce another new location for TransCold!

Construction on a new 9000ft² freezer with dry storage space and professional office space is expected to be complete in late Spring 2021. At that point, our National City team will transition to the new location in Poway, henceforth known as TransCold San Diego.

We moved into our current National City location in 2015. Thanks to their hard work, NC has seen soaring growth ever since and is on track to be our largest producing US location. We are quickly outpacing the capacity of that location, so have taken action to better serve our customers.

This is TransCold’s 3rd currently active construction project. Recent years have been a tremendous period of growth and we appreciate the customers and team that help us continue to reach higher. 

Congratulations, National City team!

New Brand: Enlightened Keto Collection

We are thrilled to announce our new distribution agreement with Enlightened in BC and Alberta. You may know them from the US, where they have been dominating the US market for ketogenic ice cream, now available in Canada for the first time.

Eating healthy shouldn’t be a compromise—it should be a celebration! What could be more joyful than all of your ice cream aisle favorites, served up full of flavor and made with nutrition you can feel great about? Their mission has remained the same since day one: to help people live healthier lives—and enjoy every bite.

Founder Michael Shoretz began learning how to help people live healthier lives after his father’s Type 2 diabetes diagnosis and became a certified personal trainer. After hearing his clients confess their ice cream indulgences, he resolved to make an ice cream that would fit his clients’ needs. With the help of talented experts and enthusiastic friends and family, the first box of Enlightened ice cream bars was created in 2012.

Visit eatenlightened.com for more information.

New Product: Kind Frozen Bars

Kind Frozen Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Bar

Available soon in multipack form in our US markets. Kind has long dominated the healthy protein and granola bars, but the Kind Frozen Bar is the first of its … kind.

Their first flavor, Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt is a frozen, creamy nut bar made from nutrient-dense almonds, layered with smooth dark chocolate and sea salt. Both creamy and crunchy, it’s been compared to a Snickers bar, but a healthy alternative – 4g of protein, only 10g added sugar and 190 calories per serving. Even better – the very first ingredient is Almonds!

Award: Nora’s Plant Based Ice Cream

Katherine Backman, Nora's 30 Under 30

We couldn’t be prouder to work with Katherine Backman, co-founder of Nora’s Plant-Based Ice Cream. She has just been named to BC Business’ Top 30 Under 30 List! We have been distributing Nora’s since they began production at our very own Bendicks Ice Cream Factory in Vancouver just a few short years ago.

Nora’s was perhaps our first plant based products and are still a favourite among many of us. They have seen tremendous growth in their early years (100,000+ pints already) and are already carried at Whole Foods, Buy Low, Nesters, Safeway, Georgia Main, Spud, Nutters, Fairway, Thrifty’s and countless independent grocers.

Graduation: Melissa Leung earns EMBA

Melissa Leung, Executive Masters of Business Administration

TransCold distribution congratulates Melissa Leung, President, on the successful completion of her Executive Master of Business Administration studies. Her graduating class attended a virtual convocation to support quarantine protocols while still formally recognizing their accomplishments. Melissa has been putting in tremendous work both academically and professionally over the past 2 years to achieve this – and TransCold has been reaping the rewards. We’re very proud of her!

Melissa was appointed to the position of President on December 5, 2017 and has been with the company since its inception on December 1, 2002. She was named one of Business in Vancouver’s “Top 40 under 40” in 2010 and her drive and skillful execution of TCD plans is second to none. Her business acumen has been lifelong, having managed a Dickie Dee ice cream franchise 20 bicycles strong while still in high school. Under Leung’s leadership, TransCold has seen year over year growth in sales and built a strong operations team. She is extremely focused on the future and in bringing us to new levels of growth.

New Brand: Righteous Gelato

Righteous Small Batch Plant-Based Gelato & Sorbetto Distribution in BC and Alberta

We could not be any more excited to announce our new distribution agreement with Righteous Gelato in BC and Alberta.

You might know them formerly as Fiasco Gelato – Righteous is Canada’s No. 1 selling Gelato & Sorbetto and the very 1st Gelato company to become B Corp certified (Best for the World).

Their mission is simple; to enrich people’s lives, one tiny spoonful at a time.

Freshly Made, Hand Crafted
Righteous is obsessed with quality and integrity. They are committed to sourcing the best ingredients they can find from around the world, and as locally as possible. Everything they make is natural, with no artificial flavours or colours, and nothing GMO. All Sorbettos and Plant Based Gelatos are vegan friendly. 
They are doing their righteous best to get back to the way things used to be, simple, honest and filled with passion.  www.righteousgelato.com for more

New Product: Coolway Ice Cream Sandwiches

Coolway Low Calorie Ice Cream Sandwiches in Canada

Coolway just introduced a game changer with their completely new line of ice cream sandwiches in Canada. Their ice cream pints contain 28g of protein, but only 280-390 calories per tub, on average 1,000 calories fewer than other brands. They’re now bringing that to ice cream sandwiches, at only 140 calories per creamy delicious sandwich. Plus, they contain 50% less sugar than similar sandwiches. Available in 3 flavours.

New Brand: Jelly Belly Snow Cones

Jelly Belly Snow Cone distribution

Exclusive to our mobile vendors in Washington State, Oregon and Southern California!

Jelly Belly is the #1 jelly bean brand with an astounding 94% brand awareness. Their shaved ice snow cones come with the same brand recognition with two popular flavours – mouth puckering Sour Apple, Lemon & Grape, as well as the Very Cherry Berry cone. Kids will love the taste and parents, the price point.

Western Grocer Article: Indulgent Delights

In this issue, Western Grocer explores strategic planning to maximize the opportunities for frozen novelties and ice cream. Both Melissa Leung, President and Marco Felicella, Canadian Director of Sales are quoted amongst other industry experts

“Canadians are seeking variety including dairy-free alternatives, low calorie, ethnic inspired products, and a focus on higher quality ingredients,” in Marco’s words.

As Melissa states, “All we do is frozen, with ice cream making up a significant portion of our business, guaranteeing a frozen cold chain from start to finish. Since we are not working with multi-temperature trucks, the product is fully protected from start to finish. It is not just about ordering the right product but ensuring that the frozen novelty can be delivered efficiently.”

Read the article here or download the full magazine from Western Grocer here

New Flavour: Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Snackables

Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Snackables in Washinton, Oregon & California

Ben & Jerry’s are expanding their Snackables line, launched in the USA in 2019

Half Baked Chunks

A Mixture of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Fudge Brownies

As much as customers love treasure-hunting for chunks in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, digging up loot by the spoonful takes time…and a spoon. These snackable chunks of cookie dough and brownies are ready-to-grab by the handful, so now you can get half-baked in no time. Enjoy!