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Fuel Surcharge Rate

An updated rate will be determined weekly to reflect the current diesel fuel prices reported by the Freight Carriers Association of Canada. The fuel surcharge will be applied to your invoice (based on delivery date) for Canadian orders. This allows us to reflect changing market conditions rapidly while maintaining stable product pricing for our customers.

May 22-26, 2023





New Products: Ben & Jerry’s USA

ben and jerrys icecream logo pint from transcold distribution
ben and jerrys icecream pint wholesale supplier from transcold distribution
Ben ans jerrys new ice cream pints lights caramel action Ava DuVernay from wholesale distribution company transcold distribution

Ben & Jerry’s U.S. has an exciting collaboration with Award-Winning Filmmaker Ava DuVernay!

Lights! Caramel! Action! features vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirls, graham cracker swirls, and chocolate chip cookie dough in both dairy ice cream and almond milk based non-dairy versions. More importantly, the proceeds of this collaboration benefit Ava DuVernay’s non-profit ARRAY Alliance that is dedicated to supporting artists of color and women that wish to work in the arts and film industry.

We have also introduced 2 other traditional ice cream pints: Churray for Churros, and Mousse Pie; a non-dairy Oatmeal Dream Pie; and Topped Bossin’ Cream Pie!  Contact us to order and get them while they’re cold!

The International Association of Ice Cream Distributors & Vendors (IAICDV)

international association of ice cream distributors and vendors

The International Association of Ice Cream Distributors & Vendors (IAICDV) is a leading organization on providing educational practices, industry solutions, mobile vending regulations, and connecting ice cream and frozen dessert industries around the world. Their annual convention provides members the perfect opportunity to network and grow their business, and showcase/discover all the latest products and services. They are also proud to be able to offer scholarships every year to members’ employees and their families; since 1990 they have awarded an astounding $138,000!

 Our president Melissa Leung has been newly elected to the IAICDV board as one of the Distributor Division Directors for a 2 year term; we are excited for new ways for her to serve the industry during her term! The board works on highlighting every aspect of the industry such as mobile vending, direct store delivery, ice cream manufacturing, and ice cream brokering. If you are interested in becoming a member, see iaicdv.memberclicks.net

TransCold’s Employees of the Year 2022

As part of our tradition at TransCold, every year, we invite all team members to nominate employees who have shown exemplary contribution and dedication to their work. Employee of the Year awardees for each country receive $1500 cash and an additional one week paid vacation. We are very excited to introduce this year’s winners: 

Scott Paziuk – Vancouver Island, Canada

Scott joined TransCold in July 2020 as an Outside Sales Representative in Nanaimo. In just 2.5 years, Scott has been promoted twice, once to Operations Supervisor in October 2020 and to his current Vancouver Island Operations Manager role in January of this year. Because of his background in multiple disciplines, Scott has an exceptional understanding of both customers’ and co-workers’ needs.

In the past year, Scott has led the development of training tools for new drivers in Canada, piloted a 4-day winter workweek program, reduced vehicle idling on local deliveries to decrease fuel consumption, and advocated for warehousing changes that decreased local fulfillment by 24 hours. Scott’s customer-first attitude is infectious and has resulted in significant improvements for our Vancouver Island operations. 

Congratulations, Scott!

Enrique Hernandez – San Diego, USA

Enrique joined TransCold in May 2019 as a Warehouse Associate and was promoted to Warehouse Lead in December 2022. He is always looking to improve himself by learning new skills and helps those who need it, whether they are in the same department or not. He has taken initiative to build a deep knowledge not just of his own role, but also of company wide practices. Enrique always leads by example and shows his team step-by-step how work should be done.  

In the past year, Enrique has relentlessly pushed to improved truck inventory recording and verification, resulting in country wide policies and more accurate inventory systems. He has led his own team to be able to complete a localized inventory count in just 4 hours! Enrique has also prioritized good relationships with our vendors and team members. He adds great value to our San Diego team.

Congratulations, Enrique!

Happy Anniversary to TransCold Distribution!

transcold 20th anniversary

In 2022, we celebrated milestone anniversaries in both our Canadian and American operations! December 1st marked 20 years since we first opened in Canada with a small team of 15 trucks and 20 employees. After 20 years, we have now grown to 250 employees and 95 trucks! November 16th was 15 years to the day since we officially expanded into the U.S market, beginning with the Pacific Northwest. Thank you to our hard-working staff and amazing customers for helping us reach where we are today; we are so grateful for you! Stay tuned as we continue growing our team, our services & products, and our facilities (beginning with our new headquarters under construction in Surrey, BC). See you in another 20!

New Product: Popsicle Canada

popsicle calippo orange new product from wholesale distribution company transcold distribution

Popsicle Calippo Orange

Popsicle’s new Calippo Orange ice pops is the perfect on-the-go sweet treat! Just squeeze the ice pop for a refreshing burst of orange flavour. This is the perfect way to enjoy that summer feeling all-year round! Now available for our Canadian customers! Contact your sales rep to order!

Fun Fact: Did you know the very first Popsicle ice pop was created way back in 1905 by an 11-year-old named Frank Epperson? Frank left a cup of soda with a stirring stick in it out on the porch. The next morning he found his drink frozen like an icicle! Then the rest is history!

New Look: Chapman’s Markdale Creamery Canada

chapman's markdale creamery transition from original ice cream packaging transcold distribution
The Original Creamery building in 1973

Chapman’s Original ice cream line has a fresh new look! The Original has been renamed to Markdale Creamery in celebration of their 50th anniversary. The new packaging features the original creamery building (in Markdale, Ontario) back in 1973 – from where it all started! The Markdale Creamery packaging now also features an Egg-Free logo to help consumers identify their allergen-free products.

Despite the new look, the contents and taste are unchanged, with the same quality ingredients using 100% Canadian dairy! The new packaging will be phased in over the coming months.

New Products: Komo Mac & Greens Canada

Komo creates familiar, feel-good favourites with plant-based wholesome ingredients. Their mission is to make plant-based meals a staple at every dinner table through feel good foods that connect people to the planet. Based in Vancouver, BC! 100% Canadian, contact your sales representative to order!

Komo Mac & GreensKomo’s new cheezy, creamy, ooey-gooey Mac & Greens is an all-time classic with a wholesome twist. Made with a cheezy oat sauce, basil pesto, greens including spinach, parsley and edamame. Topped with garlicky panko breadcrumbs for extra goldenness and texture. Comforting and delicious, perfect for an easy vegan dinner; how can you resist! Available to Canadian customers in 2-serving sizes or as a family size! 

komo vegan mac and greens plant based mac and cheese from wholesale distribtutor transcold distribution