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September 25-29, 2023





New Products: Magnum USA

magnum mini double caramel bars 6 pack and magnum double chocolate 3 pack bars from wholesale distributor transcold distribution

Long-time favourites in Canada, we’ve introduced these two products to our US portfolio as well:

Magnum Double Chocolate Bar 3pk: Chocolate lovers! This is the ultimate chocolate ice cream treat – this is made with more chocolate than other magnum bars. Rich indulgent chocolate ice cream is dipped in smooth chocolate fudge sauce and covered in a 44% cacao milk chocolate shell. 

Mini Double Caramel Bar 6pk: The perfect ratio of chocolate and ice cream for these mini bars. Classic vanilla bean ice cream is dipped in sweet caramel sauce and then in a gooey chocolate layer and in 44% cacao milk chocolate. Only 170 calories per bar; Mini size have the same high-quality ingredients as regular sized bars. 

New Products: La Michoacana USA

La Michoacana is out with two new flavors: Banana Hazelnut and Jalapeno Lime Paletas! Indulge in Banana Hazelnut – creamy banana paleta with swirls of hazelnut flavor! Or spice it up with Jalapeno Lime. This unique combo packs a punch with the fiery, picante flavor of jalapeno peppers and tangy refreshing limes! Are you on Team Sweet or Spicy? These are only available for our U.S customers, contact us to order!

la michoacana banana hazelnut and jalapeno lime bars from wholesale distributor transcold distribution

New Products: TruFru USA

trufru logo
trufru chocolate covered raspssberry from wholesale distribution company transcold distribution

The Perfect Summer Fruit Snack

Finally! Tru Fru is available for our PNW customers to order in two flavors: Nature’s Raspberries hyper-chilled in white and dark chocolate, AND Nature’s Strawberries hyper-chilled in white and milk chocolate. These fruits are picked when they are ripe, then frozen fresh to capture its natural ripeness and sweetness. Once frozen, it’s immersed in white and dark chocolate, then hyper-chilled to lock in flavor and all the nutrition within the fruit! Fruity, decadent, and healthier than other sweet treats! 

trufru chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries from wholesale distributor transcold distribution

New Products: Mars USA

twix cookie dough pint from wholesale distributor transcold distribution
Twix Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pint

A take on the original Twix Ice Cream; paired with soft cookie dough bites, real chopped Twix bars, creamy vanilla ice cream, and a decadent caramel swirl! Available for our U.S customers!

M&M Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich

These new ice cream sandwiches feature creamy cookies and cream ice cream between two delicious M&M’s Candy filled chocolate cookies! Available in singles and in packs of four for our U.S market!

m&m cookies and cream ice cream sandwiches from wholesale distributor transcold distribution

New Products: Talenti USA

At Talenti, they put a lot of care and time into crafting their gelato and sorbetto – from choosing ingredients, recipes, and methods, everything is a long process, and it really shows through their addicting and super creamy gelatos and sorbettos! We are excited for these three new gelato flavors available for our U.S Market! Check them out!

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Gelato: Combines black raspberries from a father-daughter run raspberry farm in Oregon with rich chocolatey chips, blending together the best of both tart and sweet.

Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato: Slow cooked fresh milk, cream, and semi-sweet chocolate chips with coffee sourced from Brazil and Colombia to give this Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato a unique twist. 

Double Dark Chocolate GelatoBlended with semi-sweet chocolate morsels and a dash of vermouth. 

New Products: Breyers USA

breyers carb smart bars usa from wholesale distributor transcold distribution

Breyers USA is out with THREE new ice cream pints/tubs and a new multi-pack product! 

CarbSmart Vanilla bars: If you are watching your sugar/carb intake, CarbSmart Vanilla bars are only 140 calories, 5g net carbs, 5g sugar, and 3g of fiber! This delicious vanilla frozen dessert bar dipped in chocolate will really help you curb those cravings! Available to all U.S. customers!

Heath English Toffee 16oz Pint: Ice cream loaded with 100% real Heath Toffee candy pieces! Every bite is packed these delicious crunchy bits! Available to all U.S. customers.

Butter Pecan 16oz Pint: We had it as a tub and now available in pints! Pecans roasted in butter and then swirled in vanilla ice cream to give you a delicious-tasting dessert. Available to SoCal customers.

Natural Strawberry 48oz Tub: Sun-ripened California strawberries swirled around in delicious Breyers ice cream! Available to SoCal customers.

New Products: Righteous Gelato Canada

righteous gelato dairy free blueberry limeade pint from transcold distribution

Righteous began 11 years ago locally in Calgary, Alberta with a vision to change the world by building strong relationships, empowering people, innovation, forward thinking and by providing the best customer experience. How much care they put into each product really shows through their commitment to build a community. Righteous is committed to donating 1% of their total revenue to organizations that: reduce poverty & food insecurity, create opportunities for kids & youth, end domestic violence and invest in grassroots organizations that support local communities.

They recently launched a new flavour: Blueberry Limeade sorbetto, it’s dairy-free, vegan friendly and SO refreshing for the summer! A unique fruity and tart flavour from the combination of blueberry and limeade! Available for our Canada market only. Support their vision to change the world and order now!