Sara's New Flavours Round 2

And here are the other 5 limited edition tubs! The top-selling flavours will be permanently placed on Sara’s lineup. Vote with your orders! Introducing the 5 fruit Sara’s Flavours:

Cherry Pie: Made with sweet chewy chunks of maraschino cherries bursting pie crust flavour.

Grenadine Cheesecake: Extracted from fresh pomegranate juice with a hint of citrus and stunning red color mixed with decadent cheesecake ice cream.

NY Cherry Cheesecake: Chewy chunks of maraschino cherries with a bursting flavour of decadent cheesecake.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle: Rich chocolate ice cream flavour with a tangy raspberry mix of chewy truffles.

Strawberry Cheesecake: Smooth and creamy strawberry flavour with swirled decadent cheesecake.

Contact your sales representative for more information!