TransCold Distribution has been distributing Breyers ice cream in BC and Alberta since we were founded in 2002, and in the USA since 2007, but they’ve been making amazing ice cream since 1866. Try a scoop today! Contact a sales rep to start ordering.

As a Unilever master distributor, TransCold distributes a wide variety of Breyers ice cream in Western Canada (BC and AB) and Western USA (WA, OR and SoCal). Product availability varies by territory.

Breyers Classic Ice Cream Tub distributor


You can't go wrong with a simple beloved classic for a family treat.

Breyers Creamery Style Ice Cream Tub distributor

Creamery Style

Delicious and creamy, Creamery Style is made with premium ingredients.

Breyers Blends Ice Cream Tub distributor


Fun and indulgent, blends are co-branded with your favourite candy brands.

Breyers Non Dairy Vegan ice cream tub Canadian distributor

Non Dairy

Made with real almonds, these plant-based ice creams have all the taste you love.

Ice Cream Cone Scooping Tub USA distributor

Food Service

3 gallon ice cream scooping tubs available in select locations.