TransCold Distribution has been distributing Melona bars from supplier Binggrae for many years. Because of all the love for Melona bars, we are excited to bring in Binggrae’s other fan-favourite ice cream products: Samanco and T’aom. Contact a sales rep to start ordering. TransCold is your Binggrae distributor of choice in Canada.

melona multipack bars from transcold distribution


It all started in 1992 with their iconic honeydew-flavoured Melona bar in Korea. These bars are creamy and rich with a texture that is not like other fruit-flavoured ice cream bars.

Samanco fish ice cream sandwiches in Canada


These fish-shaped ice cream sandwiches were developed in 1991 to provide a fish-shaped treat to enjoy year-round. Since then, it has become the representative snack of Korea for more than 30 years.

T'aom frozen fruit bars in Canada


These premium fruit bars have real fruit puree and pieces for an extra chewy texture! A great source of Vitamin C.

February 28 Partial Closure

Our call centre and Canadian offices will be closed all day on February 28th to attend annual meetings. All deliveries will proceed as scheduled. American locations will not be impacted other than the call centre closure. For call centre emergencies, please contact 778-710-6325.