Ben & Jerry's

Peace, Love, & Ice Cream. TransCold Distribution has been distributing Ben & Jerry’s in Canada since we were founded in 2002, and in the USA since 2007. They stand for everything that is good, ice creamy and generally chunkalicious. Raise your spoons and unite! Contact a sales rep to start ordering.

TransCold is your Ben & Jerry’s distributor of choice for Washington state, Oregon, southern California, BC and Alberta. Product availability varies by territory.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream distributor

Dairy Pints

The iconic ice cream flavours packed with euphoric chunks and swirls.

Ben & Jerry's Non Dairy pint distributor

Non Dairy Pints

Plant-based flavours are made with either almond milk or sunflower butter.

pint slice distributor

Pint Slices

Pint slices surrounded in a chocolatey coating to take it on the go anywhere.

snackable cookie dough chunks distributor

Cookie Dough

Go straight for the good stuff with a bag of nothing but snackable cookie dough chunks.

ice cream parlour distributor

2.4 Gallon Tubs

All your favorite flavors scoop ready for ice cream parlours.