Once again, Chapman’s has not disappointed. 7 new innovations across all their product lines are now available in BC grocery stores.

Chapman's Premium 2L Ice Cream

Chapman's Tahitian Vanilla Bean

Tahitian Vanilla Bean

Tahitian vanilla ice cream with vanilla bean...simple yet divine

Chapman's The Only Chocolate Premium 2L Ice Cream

The Only Chocolate

Rich milk chocolate…extremely satisfying to the chocolate lover

Chapman's Canadian Collection Novelties

Canadian Maple, Eh!

Maple leaf shaped bar of vanilla ice cream with a ripple throughout containing real maple syrup.

Chapman's Yukon Novelties

Chapman's Yukon Double the Dip Cone

Double the Dip Cone

Made with vanilla ice cream with caramel core double dipped in our famous milk chocolate.

Chapman's Yukon Moose Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Sandwich

Moose Chocolate Fudge Sandwich

Made with only premium ingredients such as enriched wheat flour, cocoa and fresh cream

Chapman's Lolly Water Ices

Chapman's Water Ice Soda Pop Lolly Frozen Novelties

Soda Pop

Grape Soda, Orange Soda, Cherry Cola, and Root Beer offered upon a single stick 50mL treat.

Chapman's Twisters

Chapman's Fruit Juice water ice peanut free twister

Fruit Juice Twister

A strawberry water ice centre with twists of orange, lime and blue raspberry wrapped around. The added bonus – it’s only 45 calories per bar.

February 28 Partial Closure

Our call centre and Canadian offices will be closed all day on February 28th to attend annual meetings. All deliveries will proceed as scheduled. American locations will not be impacted other than the call centre closure. For call centre emergencies, please contact 778-710-6325.